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Our group classes are great for the dog that would benefit from socialization with other dogs and people while learning basic manners. Our puppy and adult classes focus on helping your dog become a good companion and canine citizen when out and about with you or when welcoming guests to your home. Exercises covered over the six or eight week courses include:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Sit for exam (behave while meeting a
    new person, the veterinarian or a groomer!)

  • Sit/stay

  • Down/stay

  • Walk on loose lead (no more dragging!)

  • Come when called

  • "Off" (no more jumping up on people!)

  • Walk nicely on leash around other dogs/distractions


You'll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about any training or behavior issues you may be experiencing. Our class is designed to allow the dog and handler to have fun together while also gaining valuable skills. Your dog can be the companion of your dreams. Having the right tools and knowledge for positive, motivational training will put you well on the road to success.


Call 918-398-6459 or check Facebook for current class schedules and pricing.

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