Our Facilities

Pooches opened its doors in the fall of 2005. Our location at that time was just off of Lewis on 56th place. This original location gave Pooches a great start, but we quickly realized we needed much more space to accommodate the growing needs of our four-legged guests.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, 2009, Pooches opened in our current location just east of Yale on 41st street. This new, expanded facility, at more than 10,000 square feet, allowed us to offer full service boarding, daycare, training, and grooming, as well as an expanded retail selection in our lobby.

Our facility not only offers more space, but we went the extra mile to ensure a healthy environment for Tulsa’s most-loved dogs with the installation of an air purification system that constantly filters our air and provides an hourly fresh air rotation. This not only keeps our facility fresh, but also aids in keeping our air clean and healthy.

The daycare service offers seven different play ring options. We have one ring specifically for our small guests, one play ring that is perfect for our medium size friends, four play rings for the big kids, and another rings for our older and/or quieter pooches. Our play rings have secure six foot vinyl fencing with comfortable boarding suites in each play area where dogs can take a break, have some lunch, or spend the night. Of course all of our daycare groups are supervised by one of our fabulous Rufferees when play is in session.

For dogs who would rather not join in the group play, we have an area of boarding suites where guests can relax comfortably while receiving excellent care and attention from our kennel care staff. Belly rubs and treats abound; everyone gets plenty of attention. Our staff enjoys ensuring the comfort and well-being of all our canine friends.

In addition to our indoor space, Pooches has an outdoor play yard secured by an eight-foot privacy fence. All of our dogs get to have a turn in the outside yard every two to three hours for potty time and a change of scenery—starting at 6 a.m. and running well into the evening, just like home. Our kennel care staff and Rufferees always stay with our dogs in the yard, whether it’s one dog or a group.

The Pooches facility also has a dedicated training room for group and private lessons. A schedule of upcoming group classes is always available. Please call or stop by for complete information.

Last, but certainly not least, Pooches offers a full service grooming salon. Your dog can come for some fun play and then have a spa day with our wonderful groomers—everything from a bath and nail trim to a fancy new hairdo. It’s all under one convenient roof to accommodate your busy schedule.

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