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More than just a day of play

Our daycare is unique in that it's not just a place to drop a dog to play with other dogs for the day. While free play time with other dogs is very important--after all, dogs are very social pack animals--we work to add a little more to the experience. In addition to a day of play, our daycare dogs enjoy play-training exercises with our experienced staff throughout the day. Your dog will enjoy free play time, but will also have fun while basic manners and obedience exercises are reinforced throughout the day.

Supervised play groups

Pooches play-pals enjoy indoor, climate-controlled play areas and a privacy fenced outdoor yard. Our play groups are always supervised by an experienced daycare attendant to ensure happy, proper interaction.

Play groups are not just divided by the size of your dog. Some smaller dogs play big! Some big dogs prefer a more mellow routine. We look at the dogs that come on a given day and divide by size in some cases, but also by activity level, play style and temperament. All play groups are always supervised and are held to manageable numbers so that each dog can still have individual attention in a safe environment.

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