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-  How does it work with all the dogs playing free?

Our daycare dogs are divided into different playgroups based on size, age and play style. For example, we would not put a Yorkie with a group of Labs! Each playgroup has a human attendant to monitor activity and ensure that everyone is playing nicely together. Our play rings are indoors, but the dogs are rotated to privacy fenced yards at least once every two hours to enjoy a little fresh air and have a potty break. The playgroup attendant stays with the dogs at all times. They are never left alone in any area.

- Are there specific drop-off and pick-up times?

No. You are free to drop your dog off and pick it up anytime during our normal business hours (7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.). If you run into problems and find that you are running late for pick-up in the evening, please give us a call to make arrangements.

- Do you require reservations for daycare?

No reservations are required Monday through Friday. We do require reservations for Saturday daycare. Our hours Saturday are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and our numbers are limited so please be sure to call the week prior to any Saturday you’d like to drop your dog off for weekend play.

- How do you introduce a new dog to a group?

Every dog is handled.differently. We look at each dog to see if it seems nervous, overly excited, relaxed, curious or guarded. Some dogs need a gentle introduction. In these cases, we’ll introduce the new dog to one or two really easy dogs. As a new dog relaxes and starts to get the idea, we’ll introduce it to a few more dogs to see its play style and then we’ll move the dog into a group when its ready for fun and games. We also watch the groups closely to see if any of the dogs seem stressed or need a rest break. These dogs can be moved to a different group or moved to a rest area for a little naptime.

- Do the dogs ever get hurt playing together?

We watch the dogs carefully and stop any behaviors that we feel are leading to a scuffle or play that is too rowdy. Dogs do play with claws and teeth, so occasional scratches can happen. If any injury does happen, we clean it thoroughly and check to be sure it’s nothing serious. The most we generally see are minor scratches and those are rare, but if anything does happen beyond that, we would call the owner and take appropriate steps to care for the dog.

- Do I need to bring food or treats for my dog?

We have plenty of cookies for snacks. You only need to bring your own treats if your dog has specific dietary needs or food allergies. If you would like your dog to eat while its here, please bring the appropriate portion and we’ll be sure to give your dog a lunch break. Dogs who eat lunch do remain in a crate or run for about 20 minutes to allow their food to settle.

- Can my dog catch Canine Cough or any other ailment while playing at Pooches?

Well…sure. Just like when kids head off to school in the fall and catch a cold, dogs can catch things anytime they are around other dogs. Of course all dogs at Pooches are required to have full vaccinations including the Bordetella vaccine and we take every precaution to maintain a clean, healthy environment for the dogs. Our floors are mopped regularly through the day. Any accidents inside are immediately cleaned everything outside is immediatley scooped and disposed of. For the “end-of-the-day” cleaning, we use a solution that is specifically designed to handle all common dog diseases including parvo, distemper and the bacteria that can cause canine cough. We also wash our water bowls throughout the day instead of just refilling them. We do everything we can to ensure the health of our Pooches play pals, but we can’t guarantee that your dog will never catch anything here or anywhere multiple dogs gather. It’s also possible for your dog to catch a bug at training school, at the animal supply store, in the lobby of your vet’s office, at a boarding kennel, at the dog park, etc. Studies do show, however, that dogs who are routinely exposed to a variety of places and other dogs actually develop stronger immune systems.

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